Automation technology

Automation technology


Our experience in the design and maintenance of equipment, have been incorporated into the automation systems based on a PLC and SCADA systems.
From the planning, up to the implementation of any project, everything is carried out by a team consisting of:

  • project Manager
  • Planners for the controllers and cabinets
  • Programmers for PLC and SCADA systems
  • Experts in refrigeration systems

The team works from the beginning in close contact with the client so that the requirements are met to their complete satisfaction.

Compressor control


The compressor control is created individually for each system and optimized so that on each plant type (single compressor or multiple compressors in combination in one or more machine rooms), the cooling or heating power is adjusted to the actual consumption, the Optimal COP is achieved and the required minimum running and pause times are respected. Moreover, we can avoid that single compressors run for a too short period, thereby increasing the life of the compressors. All data is being recorded, this allows us to access at any time important information such as the cold or heat output, or the electrical power.

Cell control

We realize cell controllers in various areas. By optimal combination of refrigerant, coolant (glycol, CO2) and air, we can achieve optimal room conditions and a low dehumidification. The operating states are recorded and can be evaluated at any time (charts, automated reports, alarm management). So it is possible to determine the effective power consumption. (kWh / cell, kWh / pallet, etc ...) With the peak-current control individual consumers/units can be switched off when exceeding the definable total power consumption.

Process cooling

In the process cooling there are several temperature levels to observe simultaneously. These have very tight tolerances even with strongly fluctuating loads.

System for optimizing the function of cooling towers

This innovative system allows an optimization of the function of the cooling tower for the purpose of:

  • Reduction of energy consumption of the cooling system through a variable condensation temperature control.
  • Reduction of water consumption by an automatically controlled overflow in function of the conductivity.
  • Reduction of the consumption of water treatment products (decalcifier and anti-legionella) through the measurement of the amount of consumed water and the control of the amount of fluids to supply based on programmable parameters stored in the PLC.
  • Reduction of deposits on the surfaces of the heat exchanger.



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