Professional assembling

We are well-known for our reliablility.

The Frigotherm Ferrrari ltd Company is specialized in the construction of refrigeration plants, from the compact refrigeration systems until the “ready-to-use” projects.

The assembling and welding operations are carried out by an internal qualified assemblage team . Frigotherm Ferrrari ltd carries out all the operations for the setting in motion of the system, with the supervision of internal specialized collaborators.

For these reasons our customers rely on our competence and know-how in the realization of refrigeration systems and ask us for technical assistance for their systems.
Of course we are competent in this field too, for what concerns assembling, maintenance and repairing of the conditioned air systems.

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All products we sell are assembled, connected and put in function by our highly qualified team of technicians.
  • We grant a rapid and highly flexible service
  • If necessary we can work also on week-ends and holidays
  • We are able to grant a clean work,due to the employment of modern equipment

In case of particular needs by our customers, we can build special systems suitable for their specific needs.

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