Professional maintenance and technical support


Refrigeration systems are complex products, they have a high performance and are of a very high value, but they need a maintenance carried out by experts,, because of the action of the wear, of the external conditions and of the different lasting of every single device .

The Frigotherm Ferrrari Ltd Company offers you an adequate maintenance service of the system, carried out at regular times. Due to our long experience, we can prevent a wide range of technical faults.

By stipulating a maintenance contract your system will be regularly checked. The word “maintenance” in this case has the meaning of preventing maintenance, that will allow you to reduce the maintenance costs to a minimal level. On the contrary these expenses would be very high , will shorten the live of the system and the production breaks. The condition your system will then be described within an accurate maintenance report.


Refrigeration plants have a very important rule in the production process. In many cases a fault of the refrigeration system can compromise the whole production or even, in the worst case, determine a production break, causing economical losses for your Company.

Treatment of the cooling water

The quality of the cooling water is very important for the refrigeration of your plant, since the damages caused by corrosion and by the scale deposits can cause technical faults. After analyzing the customer's water samples in our laboratories we deliver the chemical substances suitable for the water treatment, in order to assure a very good quality of the water itself.

Technical Service 24 hours a day

The Frigotherm Ferrrari Ltd Company grants a personalized range of services to the final customer and stays at your disposal every day, for 24 hours a day, on Sundays and on holidays. All technical services are carried out very quickly and as soon as possible,
in a qualified and economic way.

Our experience in the field of the Customer Service assures you a rapid solution for all your technical problems and contributes this way to your success.

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