Refrigeration of fluids for industrial processes

Refrigeration of fluids for industrial processes

Several industrial processes require refrigeration through carrier fluids (water, brine solutions, carbon dioxide, etc...) or direct cooling with refrigerant gas. For these purposes, we can propose innovative solutions with high energy efficiency for both the primary refrigerant circuit and the secondary one. Reliability, energy efficiency, control accuracy and the possibility of future enhancements are the fundamental factors that our designers consider, developing specific solutions for the cooling process. Our specialists are equipped with high precision tools for analyzing the real energy needs, in order to optimize the proposed solutions involving the use of inverters and sophisticated control systems to modulate the cooling supply, according to the demand. When convenient, we propose the use of systems for heat recovery from refrigeration equipment and systems for the accumulation of ice, in order to take advantage of the most convenient time slots and reduce the installed power.

Typical applications:

  • Fluid chillers operating with NH3 or HFC
  • Systems for accumulation of ice and cold water production
  • Systems for heat recovery from refrigeration
  • Automation systems, supervision and remote management

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