Rental of air conditioners and cooling systems

Rental of air conditioners and cooling systems

The cold you need - for rent.

In order to face extraordinary consumptions, Frigotherm offer the possibility to rent water cooled chillers with a cooling capacity up to 500 kW.
All you need to operate is an electric tab and water.

Rental advantages

  • Low investment costs thanks to the coverage of consumption peaks
  • Fuelling in case of failing as well as maintenance or renewal of existent refrigerations
  • Temporary conditioning of warehouses and buildings, also in case of emergency
  • Long-term rental for capital-redemption for crucial investments
  • Leasing or long-term contracts, for a duration of more then 5 years mean: regular, pre-arranged payments, deductible and easily calculable costs
  • No responsibility from your part, for the rented system; we will be at your disposal, in case of failurs, with a professional 24h and 365 days a year-service
  • No maintenance costs for a still working system

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