From 1st January 2010: for refrigeration plants the sale and use of virgin hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), more commonly known as R22 is forbidden (CE Regulation 2037/2000).
Starting from 01.01.2010 this substance can not be used anymore. Not even in the case of maintenance interventions. During the whole transition period and until 2015 however, it is allowded to use enriched refrigerant gas R22.


The refrigerating gas R22 was the most used one in the past. In order to keep on using it even with existing and future systems, you have following options:

  • Use of the enriched refrigerating gas R22
  • Change the refrigerating substance, without modifying the structure (Drop-In)
  • Retrofit e realisation of a new system

The use of enriched refrigerating gas R22 is, at the present, the only way that allows to keep on fueling existing systems and all those which not yet switched on an alternative fueling system.
This is the most simple solution for existing systems.

In the case of Drop-In the refrigerating gas will be replace without structural adjustments. The Drop-In cooler is a valid alternative meeting each of the system's requests.

In the case of Retrofit instead, the refrigerating system will be updated and modified according to the new, substitutive refrigerant. This solution is often followed by a complete remaking of the whole system. The retrofit solution is preferred in cases in which a longer resdual duration is forseen, where the functioning of the system is crucial and where great attention is paid to adjustment costs.

Frigotherm offers a retrofit solution with numerous advantages:

  • Refrigerant change in plants already installed without modification to the system
  • Development of the economically best solution according to our customer's requests
  • Lower discharge temperatures, resulting in a reduction of thermal stress on the compressors
  • General compatibility with the oil currently used
  • Professional disposal of used refrigerating gasses
  • The plant maintains and guarantees its efficiency and characteristics even with the new refrigerant. In some occasions energy consumption could be reduced.
  • The retrofit operation can be done during the night when the retail outlet is normally closed and, in many cases, without having to empty the cabinets


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