Branch office in Trento to be expanded


19 February 2021

At Frigotherm Ferrari, progress is at the top of the agenda. On the one hand, this concerns the products, on the other also the company itself. While we have always been able to easily reach our customers in South Tyrol with our headquarters in Lana, in the future, we also want to be available locally for those in Trentino. Hence, we opened an office in Trento at Via Praga 5 in May 2020.

So far, the office has only served as a field office for our technical and commercial advisor Emanuele Conci. In the future, the branch will be further expanded and supplemented with refrigeration technicians from Trento and the surrounding area, ensuring that our local service is optimised and direct customer contact can be better guaranteed.

In Trento, too, our customers have access to our wide range of products. This includes new state-of-the-art refrigeration systems and automated systems. We also offer revamps/retrofits of existing systems and also provide our customers with technical assistance in an advisory capacity.

"Frigotherm Ferrari has been operating in Trentino for some time, and our service has also worked well so far. However, we have concluded that everyone will benefit if the office in Trento is expanded. First and foremost, of course, our customers. Now we can not only provide them with advice but also send specialists directly to their location without having to go via South Tyrol," emphasises Conci.

The development is also viewed positively in Lana. "At Frigotherm Ferrari, the customers are our top priority. We have been supplying them with the latest technology in refrigeration for years. We have thus built up a good reputation. But this reputation is also based on our service, to which we attach great importance. Therefore, it was a logical step to open a branch office in Trentino and gradually expand it to offer the full package," explains Peter Rindler, managing director of the company.