Consulting & Planning

Competence & Experience.

When it comes to consulting and planning for your refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, and heat pumps, Frigotherm Ferrari builds on the experience accumulated over the decades mixed with concentrated expertise. Would you like a non-binding, individual consultation? We will provide you with one of our specialists for each of your requirements.

In a personal discussion with one of our qualified consultants, we will advise and support you not only in product selection but also in all technical and commercial questions. Which system can be technically implemented? How do we adapt the system to the requirements of the building? How do we optimise the cost-benefit ratio? Our goal is to work together to find a reliable and efficient solution that meets your needs.

The detailed and comprehensive discussion and planning of the project not only ensure that your system runs smoothly in the end. With this approach, we also guarantee on-time implementation.


Develop, Plan, Realise.

Good, high-quality planning is essential for optimal results. Our team consists of specialists in all areas of industrial refrigeration. Each project is implemented in cooperation with our experts. To this end, we offer a wide range of specially trained personnel from our pool of experts.

Our employees are trained in various specialist areas. Their expertise ranges from thermodynamics and mechanics to hydraulics as well as electrical, automation, and information technology. In this way, we can ensure that every step towards your plant is based on a well-founded analysis and professional implementation.

Our specialists work with the most modern technical equipment so that your project is always state of the art. Progress is not neglected in planning either: we realise our projects using sophisticated 2-D and 3-D designs. Every detail of the plant is carefully dissected, analysed, and planned step by step. This approach enables us to assemble plant components in advance and thus minimise unforeseen events during on-site assembly.