Customer Service

Service 24/7.

Frigotherm Ferrari offers you a customer service that is available  24/7 - even on Sundays and public holidays. Our competent specialist staff is available to you to provide help and advice in the event of malfunctions or minor no-gos.

After all, our systems are high-tech systems in whose functionality a wide variety of factors play a key role. In order to fulfil this crucial role, however, they depend on each other, so each cogwheel must mesh seamlessly with the other. So it may well happen that some work needs to be done.

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Our customer service team is made up of refrigeration technicians as well as PLC and software programmers. Our technicians' experience, combined with the constant cooperation between our departments, ensures that your problems are solved quickly. Whether you need a specialist directly on-site or whether your system needs to be accessed via remote maintenance in remote mode doesn't matter.

Is your system making unusual noises? Does the system no longer heat or cool as usual? Or can the unit no longer be controlled remotely? These and other countless problems can accompany the everyday life of refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, and heat pumps. To eliminate them, we are available for you day after day.



However, many problems can be nipped in the bud before they occur. Thanks to our years of experience, we can offer you a professional and preventive maintenance service. In this way, we guarantee the system's reliability and efficiency over a more extended period, as well as compliance with the legal regulations for the use of refrigeration systems.

To make it easier for you to check maintenance intervals and dates, we can offer you maintenance contracts tailored to your needs and the system's characteristics. In doing so, we regularly check in on you and cast an expert eye - without having to spend hours on the phone at irregular intervals.