Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery.

The associated systems for energy recovery are becoming increasingly important in refrigeration systems - and we at Frigotherm Ferrari are well aware of this. Heat recovery is increasingly finding its way into our society, especially given the current environmental debate. While energy/heat is still often wasted at the same time when generating energy, we aim to do the opposite. Instead of merely letting energy go to waste, we want as much as possible to flow back into the energy cycle.

This has several advantages: the energy demand or its waste is greatly reduced. Whereas in the past a part of the budget, such as the energy that was just not used, simply went up in smoke, now the costs can be significantly reduced through efficient systems.


For Mother Nature.

And to return to the environmental debate: although the energy turnaround is still in its infancy, it has clearly gained momentum in recent years. Wasted energy is therefore not only an economic factor but also an ecological one.

The heat recovery process can be applied to gases, liquids, or solids for heating or cooling processes. Heat recovery systems can be divided according to their heat exchanger into recuperative systems, regenerative systems, regenerators, and heat pumps.

What concrete advantages does heat recovery offer? Basically, everything is reduced to your advantage and that of Mother Nature.

Reduce costs.

This means lower connected loads for heating and cooling energy; lower energy consumption for heating and cooling; smaller or no boilers, chillers, technical centres, recooling plants, etc.; lower investment and operating costs; fewer pollutant emissions; and compensation of the temperature difference, i.e., the elimination or reduction of reheating for the desired flow temperature. 

With the help of exchangers, it is possible to recover the superheat of the compressors as well as the condensate's and oil's heat. The uses of this heat vary depending on the temperature level. If the temperature level of the recovered energy is too low, it can be increased with heat pumps' help.

Based on our specialists' comprehensive analyses, it is possible to develop even more efficient solutions to meet all the needs of modern cooling/heating.